HOT NEWS1: SCREENSHOT "How the Robot earned $599.75 in 1 week

Within the period of Nov 4 until Nov 8, Forex PipsExpert Robot made 6 orders.


We got $599,75 just in 1 week by using 0.5 lot size!


HOT NEWS2: We uploaded a video file, just to show how the trailing system works. Check it by clicking the picture below (download the file and start playing)


From Den:

By personalizing incoming mail, we made a conclusion that most of our members do not have an opportunity for manual trading. On this basis, we’ve developed a system that gives precise signals for entrance, sets and changes SL and TP levels and, brings a good profit of course. This system is based on SAFETY and 100% AUTO.

We’ve designed a menu with a wide range of functions, so each of you could optimize the robot for his own needs.

So today, I proudly represent our absolutely unique product – Forex PipsExpert Robot! Less risk – more profit!

If you have any questions – write us. We are always ready to help you.

Den Murakami

Essence of the product:

Forex PipsExpert Robot works on EUR/USD currency pair, timeframe H1.

It contains 2 trend indicators to precisely determine the point of entrance.

There are also 3 filters that remove false signals.

This way we tried to create highly safe product, which brings constant profit. Actually,

Forex PipsExpert Robot is twice smarter and three times safer than any other robot!!!

We took our previous products as a base and now represent our absolutely unique product, created on a basis of a new technology “Five in ONE”.

Forex PipsExpert Robot allows you to get more profit with less risks!


Is it simple to use or who is this product made for?


For newcomers. It’s installation and setting process will not take longer than 5 minutes, and then you can just forget about it. It is going to systematically, in full volume earn considerable profit for the beginners in automatic mode. And you, in your turn, will have enough time to study all the fine points of Forex trading.

For any traders, who prefer to combine trading and their main job. It perfectly suits for those, who don’t want to receive only high occasional profits, but who want to have additional constant income, beside their main salary.

For professional traders, who like to experiment a lot. You can optimize the robot for your own needs, this is why we made a menu with a wide range of settings on it. Also, robot can work as a security. The robot will help you to cover losses after unsuccessful manual trading.


How much can we earn?

Now, let’s analyze the results and see how much money you can earn with the help of this robot. On average, Forex PipsExpert Robot brings up to 500-600 PIPs monthly.

In the period of 10/07 till 10/08, Forex PipsExpert Robot made 43 orders. Total net profit is $6,102,00. As you can see, the results are quite impressive. And this is only on ONE currency pair.

Here some "One week" & "One day" screenshots below:


We got 6 orders(2 buy/4 sell): total net profit is $1,592.

The BEST - EURUSD, M30: +$1,000.00 in 1 day EURUSD, M30: +$888.00 in 1 day

We got nice 1-day results as well. 8 of August we got 2 Buy orders and finally $1,000. 16 of August we got 5 orders with final result - $888.

* we use M30 Time Frame just to show more details. Forex PipsExpert robot works H1 ONLY.

Now imagine what happens if there is two or three?! We are planning to make this real!

How does the robot actually work?

Our Forex PipsExpert Robot uses several unique mechanisms, which are optimized for constant profit with maximum safety. This time we’ve paid equal attention to these two key factors.

The opening of orders happens on the breakage of price level. In general, we’ve realized the idea of opening orders by fractals. If you look at the diagram with open orders and lay fractals over it, it is going to be clearly seen. With the help of our new technology 2 trend indicators identify the place of entrance to the market as precisely as possible. After that, the signal passes through the system of 3 filters and only then the robot opens the order.

As soon as the robot opens the order, it automatically changes SL and TL levels (in accordance with the level, determined in settings). To maximize the profit and minimize the risks, we introduced dynamic trial Stop Loss and one-time trial Take Profit into the system. It is a unique approach!

One-time Trial Take Profit: If an order was opened unsuccessfully and lost determination number of points (set in the menu), then TP automatically reduces the profit level for this order. Default setting for this is 10 PIPs (can be changed in the menu). You may say that 10 PIPs isn’t much, but it also isn’t little, if you compare this profit with the loss on SL. If you look attentively at the statement, you will see that this principle has pulled out quite a lot of orders, which were in the “hazard area”. Yes, probably few orders could reach TP, but we decided to place emphasis on the SAFETY of the product.

Dynamic Trial Stop Loss: as soon as an open order reaches positive level for definite quantity of PIPs (set in the menu), Stop Loss automatically fixes noloss. If the price continues movement in the correct direction, Stop Loss also moves and fixes itself on the set level of the price. Stop Loss will always move, even if the price change is 1 PIPs.

This time we’ve added more functions in the menu of robot so you could optimize it in accordance with your type of trading. Optimal settings are default. Full description and explanation you can find in the manual.

Orders close as soon as the price passes levels SL or TP. The robot is very easy to use, you don’t need any special knowledge for that. Just install it and start earning!
More profit – less risks!

Basic properties of the product:

  • Automatic time setting: very often bad work of robots is a result of wrong setting of time difference on Metatrader platform and GMT. Forex PipsExpert
  • Robot sets it automatically, so you can be confident, knowing that we took care of it for you.
  • Up to 650 PIPs.
  • Your participation is not required: our robot is fully automatic and does not require any special knowledge. The only “requirement” to start earing money is to download and to install it on your computer.
  • One robot combines the power of 2 trend indicators and 3 filters, which allows you to get more profit with minimal risks! No other product can offer you anything like this!
  • Trailing SL and TP will maximize your profit. Trailing TP allows orders from the “hazard zone” to close with a gain, and Trailing SL, in its turn, allows you to earn profit, even if the price doesn’t reach the TP level.
  • The Robot does not require and special knowledge. Installation takes only 5 minutes. 30 days money back guarantee.

What is 650 PIPs?

Many newcomers mistakenly think that it’s very easy to earn 300-500 PIPs on Forex market daily. They think that PIPs grow like mushrooms. That’s why they often become victims of dishonorable developers, who promise suspiciously high profits from their product.

We are often asked: why do we show such low profits? Big profit is a big risk that can turn into big losses. One has to understand this. We do not promise unreal profits, we put SAFETY as a basis of our product. Is it bad to receive constant income without even touching the computer?
“Your trust” is what we value and do not want to lose!

We respect the intellectual abilities of our clients and never take part in false advertising. For all the years we’ve been in the business, we never let our clients to “fall” down.

This way, while developing our product the main task of our developers was to create a tool that would allow to reduce losses to a minimal level, while making considerable profit for ultimate user.


About the brokers…

We should also mention that it is very important to choose a good broker to trade with profit. It is not so simple. Ineffective or “crooked” broker can make the most successful trader unhappy.

Each of us was in a situation when attempts to open a position ended up unsuccessfully because of the price change. Yes, it happens from time to time because of the fast quotation movement. Nevertheless, if it happens to you often, then it can be a reason to change the broker.

Another example of broker-fraud is anti-robots. If there is enough quantity of traders working from the terminal of one broker and using same robot, broker sees that there is big quantity of similar signals for opening of the positions and also such characteristics as SL and TP. It’s a typical sign of robot’s work. And they get blocked.

We’ve put maximum effort for our robot not to “give himself out” and not to attract the attention of broker, as Trailing SL and TP levels can be changed in accordance with your needs!!!


How to install the robot:

  • After the purchase of the product, you will receive a file with ex4(robot) augmenting and User’s guide. Read the guide thoroughly, copy the file into the necessary directory and you are ready for work.

  • Pay your attention at the variety of functions in the menu. You can optimize the robot in accordance with your style of trading as much as possible. If you don’t want to experiment, then just leave the default values.

  • Not more than 5 minutes separate you from installation of the robot and the receipt of your first profit. Don’t waste time – START EARNING!


By purchasing Forex PipsExpert Robot you will get:


  • Forex PipsExpert Robot
  • User’s guide
  • Support (practically 24 hours a day)
  • Free renewal
  • 30 days warranty


Discount for our members:

Forex PipsExpert Robot is available with 25% discount on August 21, 22 and 23, 2013

Get it now and save your money! Forex PipsExpert Robot will make up for its cost for only few successful deals. Just think about it!

Don’t miss your chance to buy the Robot with 25% discount and be one of the first to try it! Get closer to your dream!


Do you need more information about Forex PipsExpert Robot?:

Forex PipsExpert Robot don’t have any competitors, it is one grade higher than any other robot. It consists of 2 trend indicators that determine new trend and entrance point as precisely as possible and 3 filters that shift out false signals and minimize the risk of unexpected losses.

Trailing TP and SL will allow you to increase the profit noticeably. The matter is that trailing TP will help you to close orders from “hazard zone” with a gain, and trailing SL, in its turn, will protect you from possible losses.

SL aims at noloss and ensures profit for you later on, even if the price doesn’t reach the TP level. More profit – less risks!!!

The combination of correctly selected trend indicators and filters of Forex PipsExpert allow robot to act with confidence, be constant and insensitive to market fluctuations.

That is why using PipsExpert robot you can considerably increase your income, using your initial deposit with minimal risks and be sure in its reliability and stability.

Please, remember: even if 2 indicators give false signals, the probability that this signal is going to pass through 3 filters is reduced to zero.

Both blocks of the robot (trend indicators and filters) cooperate with each other, which noticeably minimizes the probability of losses.

Think of it this way: you have a system that consists of two blocks (Five in ONE) that work simultaneously for the price of one!

What is new about Forex PipsExpert Robot?:

The new robot is created on the basis of the unique “Five in ONE” formula. And we are very proud to share it with you! Only new technology will help you to rise above the mass of traders and earn precious PIPs.

We’ve developed a system, with the help of which, your deposit will be safe. More profit, less risks! Last month our pure income was $6,100.00

This time we decided to make a menu with multiple functions, so each of you could optimize the robot in accordance with his own needs. You can leave the default settings or to experiment and make MAXIMUM profit out of the product!


This can actually change your life. Just think about how nice it is to earn money without doing anything for it! You just have to install the product on the platform and provide constant internet access! Isn’t it magic?? NO, it’s a REALITY!!!

This way, in comparison with other robots, this robot has 5 times more potential (2 trend indicators and 3 filters), which helps you to rise on the top of financial prosperity, thrift and financial independence!

Don’t waste your time in vain – increase your fortune!!!!

10 basic peculiarities of the robot and why do you need to purchase it:

 1. It works 5 times safer
 2. NO to stress, YES to profit
 3. Automatically sets important characteristics
 4. Menu with a lot of functions
 5. Does not require additional knowledge or trading experience
 6. Minimal risk of losses: not more than 5%
 7. Constant monthly income
 8. Unique, doesn’t have any counterparts
 9. Support 24/7
 10. 100% automatic, without touching the computer



You can get FOREX PipsExpert ROBOT for only $95 instead of $127!!!
Don’t miss your chance to purchase unique product with 25% discount!




Let’s get distracted a little bit and think together. There is a big variety of robots, indicators and trading systems suggested for traders on the market today. Developers understand that the quantity of traders grows constantly and all traders require tools to minimize their risks.

Nevertheless, most traders, beginners particularly, are very trustful and naive. It’s very easy to confuse and mislead them by offering big income with minimal lot in shortest period of time.

Let’s think logically:

If a seller “A” sells his product for $99, which according to stated characteristics brings 200-500 PIPs daily ($200-500) a question arises:

Why does this seller offer 200-500 PIPs daily when others offer 500-1200 PIPs a month?

The answer is quite simple: they are trying to sell their robot by any means, using an attractive packaging for it. Such robot is unable to bring anything, except complete disappointment.

Tomorrow this seller will make rebranding and will be selling the same product in another packaging.

Unlike others, we do not promise you millions and tens of thousands dollars of weekly income. We can guarantee constant income, which, depending on the deposit and the size of lot, will be different for each trader.

Constant income is an indicator of high professionalism and happy future!


Important information for those, who want to make backtest:

Once again, to make settings simpler we introduced special difference of automatic determination of functions between the time on broker’s terminal and GMT.

Nevertheless, this will not allow you to start backset unless you change the settings of shift for your time zone, type of the terminal and broker.

Although, if you are an “experienced professional” and want to start your own backset, please write to with the number of order and we will send you special version of our robot with automatic determination of time difference off and the installation guide.

Only 5 minutes separate you from the purchase of robot to the receipt of the first profit! There is no need to worry: at the purchase you will get full User’s guide and detailed instructions for installation and efficient use.

This way, not depending on your level of knowledge, each one can use it equally well – from beginner to professional.
We guarantee that you will be pleased!


Support and guarantee:

The process of installation and setting of the product is a very important moment. The success of your trading depends on it. Even most successful product can bring losses if used incorrectly.

If you have doubts or you can’t install our robot, we are always glad to help you. Our specialists work virtually 24 hours a day. Just contact us by email:

Ask a question or make a screenshots with comments and our specialist will reply in shortest time.




Q: What’s so “unique” about Forex PipsExpert Robot and why should I choose it over anything else?
It has 2 trend indicators inside + 3 filters, Trialing SL and TP. Extra safe!

Q: What would I need to start trading? What are the main requirements?
You’ll need MetaTrader4 from any broker and a reliable internet connection.
The system has been designed for EURUSD currency pair, Time Frame H1

Q: What’s the minimum size of the deposit required for safe trading with this system?
$100. It works even with 0.01 lot size, I can share some screenshots as well.

Q: Can you guarantee that I WILL make money using your products?
No one can ever give such a guarantee. However, we are more than certain, that you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that on average the sheer number of successful (profitable) transactions is between 85-90%.

Q: How do I get the software?
Instant download

Q: How much time will I need from the time when I install your product until the time when I can actually start using it?
it takes 5 minutes to install it! Normally, PipsExpert opens 1-3 orders a day.

Q: Do you plan to upgrade the Robot? How can I receive it?
All, who buy our robot in August, will receive all upgrades for free by email.

Q: If I happened not to like your product, can I get my money back?
We are certain, that the program will pay for itself in just a few successful trades, so you won’t even need to seek a refund. However, if for whatever reason you decided to return our product, we have a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Q: Do your products require any special knowledge or training in order to use them?
Absolutely not! Even if it is you first time at Forex, you won’t really need any special knowledge. Nevertheless, if you still have any questions, our friendly support team will do everything they can to get you up and running in no time.

Q: Do you, guys, yourselves use the products you sell?
Absolutely! Every single day! This way it helps us to refine and fine-tune our already great algorithms, therefore, even further improving upon this great product.

Q. Can I change TP and SL?
Yes, you have such option. The settings are left open for you.

Q. Can I close the orders manually?
Yes, sure. You can close it. It doesnt affect to EA.




Dear friends!

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask my by email:
I would love to help you.

Den Murakami, Japaneese style of Forex

Copyright (C) 2013 Den Murakami. All rights reserved.

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